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BIGTREETECH SKR Pico V1.0 Control Board Compatible with Raspberry PI

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BIGTREETECH SKR Pico V1.0 Control Board Compatible with Raspberry PI

The BigTreeTech SKR Pico Controller achieves all the same essential functions as the BBT SKR mini E3, but with a smaller form factor and a focus on fully harnessing the power of Raspberry Pi. Because of this specific intention, the BBT SKR Pico had no need to waste space on display ports or bulky MicroSD card readers. With the Klipper system, you are easily able to monitor and begin your prints remotely with a wireless connection.

While we can’t in good time go into depth about the array of cool features on this tiny Controller Board, these 3 key features are what made us most excited:

  • 133MHz Raspberry Pi PR2040 dual-core ARM processor – The BBT SKR Pico Controller received its name from its own dual-core processor which Makers may recognize as the Raspberry Pi Pico Microcontroller. This PR2040 chip is integrated straight into the 32-bit controller board and provides a fantastic processing power of 133MHz! We are adoring the boost in functionality this union gives us with support for TMC2209 drivers in UART mode and native support for Klipper.
  • Optimized Heat Sink – Providing both a modern look and superior heat dissipation, the optimized heat sink sits other 4 Motor Drivers on the BTT SKR Pico Motherboard. Keeping your Electronics cool is a necessary priority for all Tinkerers, as losing precious components to overheating is always a sad moment. During heavy computations, any heat from the BTT SKR Pico drivers will be efficiently dissipated before affecting the rest of the board or Raspberry Pi in close proximity. Although most controller boards include overheat protection, this heat sink addition is a welcome precaution that ensures your 3D Printer runs smoothly during intense prints.
  • Compact and Clever Design – the size of this SKR Pico makes it perfect to integrate into most printer builds, especially the Voron V0.1. BigTreeTech facilitates this by having connections lateral for its integration with Raspberry Pi and improving access and general cooling. The BTT SKR Pico Motherboard is the same dimensions as the Raspberry Pi 4 B Model, with matching mounting holes. The Raspberry Pi Zero is also a great choice to mount over a smaller section of the motherboard, leaving additional hookups more accessible such as the RGB LED Lighting and BLTouch ports.

On top of this, the SKR Pico includes a USB Type-C port for another option to connect your Raspberry Pi or computer. These thoughtful details show the utmost care placed in BigTreeTech designs. The SKR Pico includes the best the BigTreeTech SKR boards have to offer, such as an SMD Fuse, Sensorless Homing, Murata Capacitors, 5 motor interfaces, and filament run-out detection circuit, proximity sensor port and BLTouch compatibility. The amount packed into this convenient and impressive controller makes the BTT SKR Pico Motherboard worth the upgrade!

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BIGTREETECH SKR Pico V1.0 Control Board Compatible with Raspberry PI

BTT SKR Pico V1.0 is a customized motherboard designed for the VORON V0 printer, which was launched by the 3D printing team of Shenzhen Big Tree Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Brand-new Version for Voron V0& V0.1. Featured with Raspberry Pi ARM Cortex- Mo+ MCU PR2040, Bigtreetech SKR Pico V1.0 upgraded on ID design, which coexists of stylish appearance and excellent performances, ideal choice for Voron players. The fuse kit consists of fuse and holder, which enables easy disassembling and installation. Type-C interface allows for main control communication.
  • Perfectly match With Raspberry Pi. With the Raspberry Pi board frame, Raspberry Pi can be perfectly installed on BTT SKR Pico V1.0, saving internal space. The unique lateral design of SKR Pico‘s seat perfectly matches the space characteristics of the Voron V0 and V0.1 machine that needs to be fixed to the motherboard longitudinally.
  • Mute Printing & Premium Capacitors. Featured with TMC2209 mute driver UART mode, SKR PICO V1.0 supports mute 3D printing. The main version of the chip capacitor (MLCC) adopts high-quality Murata capacitors to enhance the product’s quality.
  • Upgraded Heat Dissipation. Upgrade the design of the heat sink and increase the heat dissipation area. Increased controllable fan enables to lower the temperature of the whole machine when the it’s working, effectively solving problems related to heat dissipation, and improving on the heat dissipation.


  • Main Control Chip
– 133MHz Raspberry Pi PR2040 dual-core ARM processor
  • Input Voltage
– 12V / 24V DC (Optional)
  • Stepper Driver Compatibility
– TMC2209
  • Integrated Extra Functions
– Print Resume Functionality

– Filament Break Detection

– Automatic Shutdown After Print

– BLTouch | Proximity Sensor Capable

– Built-in Stepper Drivers with Sensorless Homing

– Murata MLCC Chip Capacitors

– Optimized Heat Sink

– Laser Interface


  • Motor Interfaces
– X | Y | Z¹/Z² | E

– Z Axis Features Dual Output

  • Raspberry Pi Compatibility
– 4 B | Zero | Any Pi with GPIO Port
  • Heating Element Interfaces
– HE0: Extruder 1 Terminal

– HB: Heated Bed Terminal

  • Thermistor Interfaces
– TH0: Extruder 1 Port

– TH1: Extruder 2 Port

– 2-way 100K NTC (RTD)

  • End Stop Ports
– X- | X+

– Y- | Y+

– Z- | Z+

  • Additional Interfaces
– PS-ON: Power-Down After Print Port

– PWR-DET: Power-Out Detector Port

– E0-STOP: Filament Runout Detector Port

– 3 x CNC Fan Port: 16 PWM Channels for Speed Control

– 3-Pin LED Port: For 5V RGB Strips & Neopixel

– Raspberry Pi: 2x UART Port| 30 pin GPIO Header | USB-C Port

– Laser Interface

– 5V Controllable RGB Interface

– 3 x Limit Switch

  • Preinstalled Firmware
– Klipper
  • Parts Included
– BBT SKR Pico Board

– UART to GPIO Adabtor Cable to connect Raspberry Pi

– USB-A to USB-C Cable

– Screws & Jumpers Set

– BigTreeTech Rubber Duckie

  • Weight
– 130g
  • Dimensions
– 85x56mm

Package Includes:

  • 1x SKR Pico Controller


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How to install SKR PICO motherboard on the Voron 0.1:

BIGTREETECH SKR Pico V1.0 Control Board Compatible with Raspberry PI



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