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74HC14 Hex Schmitt Trigger Inverter, 14-Pin PDIP – 7414

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74HC14 Hex Schmitt Trigger Inverter, 14-Pin PDIP – 7414

  • High-Speed CMOS Logic
  • Operating Voltage: 2 to 6 V
  • Compatibility: Input CMOS, Output CMOS

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74HC14 Hex Schmitt Trigger Inverter, 14-Pin PDIP – 7414

  • Prevents multiple switching when driven by slow edges
  • Cleans up the noisy signals
  • Reshapes the signals in complex layouts
  • Suitable for mixed 3.3 V and 5.0 V applications
  • Wide voltage supply range
  • Input hysteresis
  • Open drain output options
  • CMOS and TTL variants
  • Overvoltage tolerant input options
  • Key applications
  • Sine wave to square wave conversion
  • Interface between analog and digital environments
  • Increase noise immunity in design
  • Relaxation oscillators


Logic FunctionInverter
Input TypeSchmitt Trigger
Number of Elements per Chip6
Schmitt Trigger InputYes
Maximum Propagation Delay Time @ Maximum CL125 ns @ 2 V, 21 ns @ 6 V, 25 ns @ 4.5 V
Maximum High Level Output Current-5.2mA
Maximum Low Level Output Current5.2mA
Mounting TypeThrough Hole
Package TypePDIP
Pin Count14
Logic FamilyHC
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage6 V
Propagation Delay Test Condition50pF
Maximum Operating Temperature+125 ?C
Minimum Operating Supply Voltage2 V
Minimum Operating Temperature-40 ?C
Package Includes:
  • 1x 74HC14 Hex Schmitt Trigger Inverter


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