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BIGTREETECH PITFT70 V2.0 LCD Display For Raspberry Pi

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BIGTREETECH PITFT70 V2.0 LCD Display For Raspberry Pi

The creation of OctoPrint for 3D printing has allowed Makers all over the world to gleefully monitor and control their 3D printers remotely. As any of these Makers could tell you, Raspberry Pi is an incredibly powerful mini-computer board that is capable of so much and is considered open-source to all. This means brands like BigTreeTech, a reliable supplier of quality Maker technologies, can enhance our Maker experience further with fun Raspberry Pi accessories. We were delighted to see one of our favorite brands of 3D Pinter Upgrades come out with the BTT Pi TFT70 V2.0 Touch LCD Display for Raspberry Pi!


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BIGTREETECH PITFT70 V2.0 LCD Display For Raspberry Pi

The BIGTREETECH PITFT70 V2.0  is a 7-inch Touch LCD Display, offering 800×480 resolution and an intuitive Raspberry Pi DSI interface. BigTreeTech had OctoPrint in mind with this special Pi TFT range of 4.3-inch, 5-inch, or 7-inch LCD displays to act as the perfect touchscreen interface next to your 3D Printer. Carefully placed mounting holes match the size and position on the Raspberry Pi 4 and 3B+ models, for you to easily install your Raspberry Pi to the back of the display, creating a neat compact side panel for your 3D Printer. The BTT Pi TFT70 LCD also adopts the 3.3V power supply from your Raspberry Pi itself so no external power source is required. The DSI interface integrates seamlessly with Raspberry Pi and OctoPrint, making it easy to setup ready to enhance your life as a 3D Maker with memorable visuals.

Although these TFT displays are originally designed for use with 3D Printing, that won’t stop us tinkerers from finding more interesting uses for them. The BTT Pi TFT70 makes a fantastic Touch screen with 5-point capacitive control and even includes features such as adjustable backlight brightness using a rotating potentiometer. You can bestow visual capabilities onto your next Pi Project with this 7-inch screen that works wonderfully as a large control panel or a wall-mounted screen for your smart doorbell. Just like the endless potential of Raspberry Pi devices, the BTT Pi TFT70 LCD display is a versatile and fantastic module to help you achieve your Maker visions.


  • Brand                                                
– BigTreeTech
  • Model No.
– BTT Pi TFT70 V2.0
  • MCU
– HK32F030K6T6
  • LCD Type
  • LCD Interface
  • Raspberry Pi Compatibility
– Raspberry Pi 3B+ / 3B / 2B / B+ / A+

– Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB / 4GB / 2GB

  • Display
– Full-colour
  • Display Size
– 7-inch | 154x86mm
  • Display Resolution
– 800×480
  • Touch Sensing Method
– Capacitive IC-GT911 Touch Controller | 5-point
  • Touch Panel
– Toughened Glass
  • Brightness Adjustment
– Rotary Encoder
  • Refresh Rate
– 60Hz
  • Operating Voltage
– 3.3V DC through Pi Display Interface
  • Working Temperature
– -20℃ to 70℃
  • Mounting Hole Size
– M2.5
  • Flip Function
– Vertical Flip
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
– 165x100mm



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BIGTREETECH PITFT70 V2.0 LCD Display For Raspberry PiBIGTREETECH PITFT70 V2.0 LCD Display For Raspberry Pi



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